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CHESTER Releases Gospel Song Thanking God For Saving His Life

Posted: 2018-12-24T16:05:03Z -25,377 People Read This

Chester, a Zambian musician known for supporting the PF Government has released his end of 2018 gospel song thanking GOD.

The salvation bug is catching up with Zambian artists as they leave the secular world in droves. The latest one to have ‘seen the light’ is none other than Chester, famously known as More Power

A few days after involving in a stern car accident, the legendary dunka dunka style singer hinted that he would release a gospel song because he was considering turning his life around as a way of thanking GOD for saving him and his wife.

 Looks like he did just that and following in the footsteps of his predecessors, Chester the PF staunch supporter has dropped a gospel tune dubbed ‘My Tomorrow.’

On this song, Chester features failed singer Dalisoul and upcoming musician Chi Chi. The song has already started receiving a fair share of airplay on local radios and social media platforms

The touching song talks about how God has been good and faithful showering him with blessings despite his sinful nature. The celebrated artist has been keeping a low profile after involving in a terrible road accident that left many of his haters saying, it was all a planned stunt to keep Chester in the media.

Download Chester's Song Here

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