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Zambia's Tiger Man Releases New Song, Advises His Haters To Quit Music

Posted: 2018-02-11T17:26:40Z -8,572 People Read This

Tiger Man Zambian Musician

When I tell you that I am aiming for International Market, many Zambian musicians think Iam an Idler. Any big company you see has ever been a small company, every important person you see started small. Dont expect to jump from no where, we are what we continuously do and think.Surrond yourself with Ambitious People and God will turn your dreams into reality. We must want to be successful as much as you want to breathe.

Those were singer Tiger Man's remarks yesterday while in Chirundu where he performed for the first time. When asked why he sounded so broken, the dancehall king told our reporter that, some of his fellow artists have been talking bad about him simply because he's doing much better than them. Tiger Man advised his haters to either quit singing or else face him in a battle ring, otherwise he (Tiger Man) is not stopping now.

The self proclaimed dancehall singer - Tiger Man did not mention names of the artists that hate him, but rather told us to listen to his newest song called "One & Only". 

Download Tiger Man's New Song

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