To Advertise, Call / WhatsApp +256752399999 states that, Zambian musician K'Millian was born Leo Moyo in the early 80s. He studied computer science at a university South Africa. After completing his higher education he decided to follow his heart instead and venture into music. His career kicked off when he signed on to the Sling Beats music label. Zambian artist K' Millian burst on the scene in 2003 with a self-titled album which yielded tracks like Ule Ibukisha (with the late Crystal Shaun), Nalyendele, Shalapo Naya, Niwe Weka and more.

K'Millian is a Zambian contemporary R&B and hip-hop singer and one of the most popular musicians in Zambia. His music career is rich with five albums; and, to his credit, music lovers in Zambia, Africa, and a lot of countries overseas relish hits such as Kakabalika (the sun will shine again) from the album Another Day, which spent over twenty-one weeks as number one on Zambian music local charts and won 5 million kwachas as song of the year in 2007 under the local rhythms countdown on Radio Phoenix; Pa Ulendo,Nizakukonda, Another Day, Uleibukisha, and I'll Be Waiting for You.

Zambia's Official Entertainment Website ( confirms that; one of the factors of K’ Millian’s success is his education. Freeing him from the thralls of folkloric local rhythms, it opened his mind to several foreign music styles. This can be confirmed by his admission on Zambezi Radio 107.5 fm in Livingstone, Zambia, that at the onset of his career, he used to play a variety of styles, like soul, blues, reggae, and jazz, to the point that he was nicknamed ‘Chameleon’, later parodied into ‘K’ Millian. Besides, education favoured the depth of his thematic, which can be spotted in songs like Kakabalika, which tells the story of a pregnant repudiated woman, and Pa Ulendo, praising a good woman for her prayers and thoughts as he makes a journey to see her. He sings in an English punctuated in Bemba and ending in Nyanja, a sort of mixed sentences. K'Millian has since recorded hit songs including a single that featured Uganda's finest female artist the Late Sera. Click here to Download it