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Kalale Masengu (born 10th April 1990), better known by his stage name Kaladoshas is a Zambian recording artist, songwriter, performer, video director and writer. He started his musical career at age 12, starting his own home studio in 2009. He signed a record deal with a local recording studio at age 14 and completed his first album which was never released.

He decided to focus on education at age 16 and decided to pursue a degree at the University of Zambia in Development Studies which he completed in 2013 and graduated. Immediately after completing his University Education he opened his own record label Tilimo Entertainment and signed himself as the first artist. He released his first official song and video Roll which was directed by veteran South African video director Nicky Campos. He then released Cocoa Butter with Petersen Zagaze, Nipaseko Chance, They Don’t Know and Oxygen which featured Cleo Ice Queen.

With the number of songs he had laid down an album was surely in the pipe line. He dropped his highly anticipated debut album I am Kaladoshas in December 2015. The album did so well in sales that it went on to being the number one Album in the country. In the beginning of 2016 he dropped two new singles Chainama featuring Roberto Zambia and Cactus Agony and No Drama which have already been certified as hits.  He continues to inspire and work tirelessly towards improving the Zambian music industry and has been termed as the true future of Zambian music.