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Lukunkha Mulenga 'Deep Saint' is a Zambian, U.S based music artist, proud singer of hit song 'Africano Queen' feat F Jay and DJ Toots, Born August 9, 1991, from a music oriented family, in Mansa, Zambia, Saint got most his influence from his father, Mark Mulenga, who passed away on November 5, 2015, HSRIP, and the likes of King of Pop the late Michael Jackson, among others. states that Deep Saint started writing music at the age of 11, together with his elder brother (Kasovicious, a music artist and producer) and sister (Azariah, singer of the song 'Fire' feat J.K). In 2012 During the AFCON Provincial Tour, Saint was accorded the opportunity to share the stage with artists like Afunika, Kay among others, as the only local artist from Luapula to perform. This resulted in a deal from Shoprite to produce jingles for them. Deep Saint has worked with artists like Mukie Mwale, best Zambian Guitarist Uncle Jones, Senzeli and African Magic's best Uncle Bob, just to mention a few. Deep Saint currently owns New LifeStyle, a music, video and fashion label.

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