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Zambia has produced so many gospel musicians; some are still doing good, while others are off the scene. Today, www.ZambianMusic.Net caught up with this talented gospel artist who has dedicated her whole to serve the Lord, change people’s mindset and inspire so many who still think they can never make it in life.

Introducing the beautiful & gorgeous Zambian gospel music artist Kabezya Nakazwe. She was born on 16th, December 1989 in Zambia’s capital Lusaka. She completed her grade 12 at Luangwa High School. Some of her OGs and OBs told ZambianMusic.Net that Kabezya was a prefect way back in school. Before starting music, Kabezya first enrolled for a Diploma in Social Sciences and later a Certificate in psychosocial counselling. In her own words, Kabezya says: I come from a musical family but my music voyage has been both sweet and bumpy, I started singing in church as part of the Sunday choir people in church. I am happy that my family has been supporting and encouraging me from the very first day I chose to start factual music. Mid March 2016, I released my first ever gospel song titled "Nasanga Yesu" which has a reggae feeling, embedded with our very own Zambian beats. I only need and request for everyone’s support because I am sure, I hae the energy and talent gifted to me by the Almighty God.