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Andre Mwale born on 23rd, September 1985 and Isaac Mwale born 21st July 1990 are blood brothers in a family of five children. They were born in Livingstone but have lived almost their life in the Eastern Province of Zambia “Chipata”. Growing up in a Christian family, Andre and Isaac got inspired by their father (who they refer to as their hero) who’s a song writer and a talented guitarist. Andre and Isaac told ZambianMusic.Net that their daddy always helped them train their vocals.

Being raised in a Church community, it helped Andre and Isaac to explore a lot about music. The duo begun composing gospel songs though they never got a chance to record them not until the year 2016 when they decided to professionally minister the Lord through the talents he gave them. They recorded their first ever song titled Nizakutamandani which introduced them to the world of music in and outside Zambia. To date, Andre is a music director while his kid brother Isaac is second to none when it comes to playing a piano. So to everyone who’s touched and loves gospel music, ZambianMusic.Net brings you Andre and Isaac. These talented vocalists need your support.