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When people hear the music playing, they are reminded of what is mostly a bygone era in Zambian music. The language makes sound even more foreign when it is created and blended right in Zambia.

Hailing from Solwezi, in Northwestern Zambia, Bokwe Music has captivated listeners with this blend of traditional and modern music. It is a kind of music not associated with the current generation of musicians as old timers can easily roll back the years with it; With the same ease, the lively beats can certainly get the younger generation moving as well. Bokwe music consists of 3 artists, Jitebe Mumba (GAZ), Casint Malipenga (CasiMali)and Elijah Kasitoka (Kasen).

What makes Bokwe Music unique is that it is more than just the music, the whole brand is a lifestyle that can educate, entertain and inspire, the beats may be bumping but there is also meaning in the lyrics and that is something that is important to the group.

The word Bokwe actually means lion, this is because we take a lot of lessons from the life and behavior of a lion that can be applied in real life. Whether it’s the courage, the planning or the meticulous nature of it’s hunting, there are many lessons to be learned from a lion and our music will be a channel to share some of that. Bokwe Music currently have two singles on air as well as a video for their first single. The first single is titled Bokwe and the Second Navuluka.

Bokwe talks about how people should work hard before ‘walking’ like a lion, basically, we must work hard before earning the right to be a king of our jungle or walk with the pride that a lion does. Navuluka is more of a narrative from the perspective of an adult that is reminiscing on how people lived in Zambia many years ago. Reference is made to how there was more unity in families and how they learned from each other in extended families and close communities. For example, food in villages was never a problem as people brought their produce together and ate together so that no one was left out. Both Bokwe and Navuluka were produced by Paul Kruz at UGP Records Zambia