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Macmillan 'Afroking' Muyola graced the shores of Perth, Australia in 2009 after leaving the motherland of Zambia, in search of broader horizons. Having discovered his passion and talent by pure accident on the school grounds, scribbling away in class to laying out rhymes in over lunch breaks, Afroking was always well-received and cheered on by his ecstatic peers. "Deep down, I felt good knowing that I had the talent to pour my heart out into song and get people's heads bumping. That was the start of my passion for music right there." Coming a long way since school-yard rambles and competing in high school concerts, Afroking reached the finals competing against 41 other schools in the MyBigCompetition of 2011. 2012 saw the beginning of getting involved with the Local Hiphop Scene; his most recent shows including the MC Freestylers battle at the BackYard Party and the Perth Sneaker Swapmeet performances.