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Zambia’s most identical brothers were born on 3rd November 1986 in Kabwe, According to their mother; one of the twins is just 57 seconds older than other. Raised together just like other twins, the Zambian singing duo completed school at Kabwe High School in the year 2005. While their parents named them Dennis and Derick Mulongoti, the identical twin brothers preferred to be called D2 and taken the Music career as the option since their childhood days.

ZambianMusic.Net recalls that, by the year 2006, D2 were already hooked to the Music industry, got inspired by Maiza Chipenzi, Bob Muli and the late Daddy Zemus. In 2007 Zambian artists D2 were already topping charts everywhere in Zambia with their first album titled Civilian Soldier which had among other songs “Am a Soldier that featured Zambian musician BFlow and Nimuzanga Chabe that featured K'millian. Since then, the twin singing duo has been consistent hence releasing song after song. D2 have since collaborated with other Zambian artists including Afunika, B1 and others.