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Zambian musician Chef187, real names Kaira Kondwani was born on 23rd May 1988. Chef 187 started professional music in 2011 under his big brother’s (Macky2)  record label Alpha Entertainments. The Copperbelt based rapper is product of all the environments he has lived in. (Chingola, Luanshya, Ndola and Lusaka.) He first started showing interest in music when he was just 5 years old and by the time he was in grade 2 he could recite a full 2 Pac song, (whose music he had developed an interest for.)

He, however, never really thought he would take up music as a career because he grew up in a family where his parents always made sure he did the right thing- finish high school, go to college then he could do his own thing. It was only in 2003 after seeing his elder brother Macky 2 being so passionate and successful in the music industry, when he started to develop a serious interest in making a career out of music. Thus he recorded his first song in 2005 while in the 11th grade and it was produced by NP.

What inspires him: Chef 187 is inspired and motivated by reality. Therefore he doesn’t have to think hard about what to sing/write in a song because his music talks about what people go through in their day to day lives.

ZambianMusic.Net asked Chef187, what his stage name means and he responded that: In rap context, Chef means to kill, cook and serve, while 187 is the slang term for murder. Instead of saying someone has done a killing, you say someone has done a 187, the mature meaning though, means if music is like food then he is the chef. Chef 187 describes himself as a young, dynamic and innovative person who can cook up to a certain extent (typical guy cooking) but can definitely clean.

Chef187 has since 2013 established himself as one of Zambia’s finest rappers of the new school. He has inspired so many young rappers and currently he’s the only Zambian musician with the highest number of collaborations.