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ZambianMusic.Net asked Zambian artist The AT to write about himself, and this is what he sent us. His name is Anthony Chitambala Kalenga a young Zambian rapper, dancer, creative writer and a composer. Born on the 06 of July in (UTH)  during non-Internet era and camera phones raised in  chawama compound / John Lenge area  when radio one and radio two was the most happening radios  in Zambia and things like Walkmans, audio cassette tapes and turntable,yet still can imagine how things like MP3 players mesmerise him as he looks and think where or how the audio cassette has been placed in.As a child,he attended his primary school in kamwala area at fountain of hope and high school in kanyama area at twashuka school then he  took part in nine community competition  shows in his neighborhood.he would dance.To major dancehall songs like Chakadimas,Bujubanto, Ben man etc, After that he formed a break dancing group of three guys the group name was called rude guys meaning rude in dancing they participated in dancing competitions they won some of them and lost some of them then after that they went different path.

ZambianMusic.Net reveals that his passion for music began while at  fountain of hope school (kamwala area) by then he would lip-sync (or miming) hit songs like atoti from Tanzania.where Anthony chitambala kalenga developed a passion of  rapping while after school he could go home to practice for the next morning at school coz his friends at school the loved seeing him mime the same song over and over he could go in all classrooms from grade 1 to 7 just to go and lip-sync songs everyone liked him.Mr kalenga  has with time taken up nearly every other opportunities except music,mostly because he came from a family background that didn't really believe in music,even though his uncle was a musician.As time pass by he went to south Africa for work that's wen he took music Seriously by starting writing his own music. How he came up with his stage name it's crazy! He was in Livingston for a dancing competition then he met guys there, he introduced himself as Anthony to his surprise everyone screamed and called him A T  in short to Anthony  and he liked  it coz they just took two letters from his name from then everywhere he goes he introduces himself as A T as time goes by he spiced it up and be came The AT

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