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Born Maxwell Mulenga on the 7th of March to Christopher Mulenga Snr and Mirriam Chabala at Kabwe General Hospital (Central Province Of Zambia). Zambian artist Wiz-Em Carter is the last born in the family of four. He is an African Rapper and Songwriter working with Money Music Entertainments (Dj Cosmo's Record Label) and soon to sign a deal with them. Wiz developed some interest in music at a very tender age of 7years Old while he was still attending Sunday School Classes. After being inspired by some church songs,Wiz dediced to start writting down his own music at the age of 13years Old but unfortunately his family members did not want to support him with his decision to take up music as his career but that did not make him give up on his dreams to become a music artist and he continued to write down more songs both Gospel and Secular Music but focused more on Secular Music.

After being inspired to hip-hop songs by Crisis Mr. Swagger,Macky 2,Eminem,Tupac,Lil Wayne And Eminem Wizzy decided to pick up Rap Music as his Top Genre and wrote his first Hip-Hop Song titled WorldWar3 shortly after he wrote his Grade 9 Final Examinations in 2009. He was discovered at High School by his fellow schoolmates and artists in 2012 and involved himself into Rap Battles which he happened to win one after the other and began to gain followers and people couldn't have enough of his rap style,energy and performance. It took some many years for Mr. Carter to record his first single due to financial difficulties till in 2015 when he saved some money and recorded his first ever single titled Holy Name on which he featured his childhood friends Vince Wildboy,Cassie Himyz And K-Joe

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