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He died over two decades ago but his music still dominates most Zambian radio stations in terms of airplay & his album PK CHISHALA (THE COLLECTION) still sales online like hot cakes. Many of the current Zambian artists did not have a chance to share a stage with him but, they also respect him as the God father of Zambian music. PK Chishala was a very talented blin artist whose music still leaves no one sitted when played anywhere.

Born Peter Kalumba Chishala, but Zambia knew him as Professor PK Chishala. He dominated the local Zambian music scene in the mid 1980’s to early 1990’s. He found a way of expressing his views on the morals of society in present day Zambia. Even though most of his songs were written and produced many years ago, they are often easy to relate to even today. He kept Kalindula alive, with an infusion of modern music; he kept his audiences captivated by his story telling through his music. The themes he sung about ranged from politics to hypocritical church elders (e.g. his song Common Man), PK laments on how the salaries of the common man are low, and how hunger is wide spread, as the price of mealie – meal is high.In his song “pwetete pwetete, he tells a story of how a woman or wife who is fed up with her husband’s drinking habits. Who not only vomits on their bed but also spoils his pants. The woman is fed up and he tells this story so hilariously.