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Rexous bwalya Chomba born on the 28th September, 1986 in the modest and giant city of Lusaka, in a small suburban town of mandevu. He started schooling at the early age of 7 at Lubambe basic school in chingola. He later attended his secondary and high school at lwingu secondary /high school.

He started doing music after taking an interest in the art, while listening to the legendary PK Chishala and Paul Ngozi who did some of his favourite tracks which included “Bana Musonda”,”Vina bwela mo’chedwa” and many others at an early age of  8, in 1994. His inspiration was mostly drawn from his late mother Mary who was a prominent singer in church.

After taking interest in music, Rexous started writing his own songs in 1999, but only recorded his first two singles called “Nafishupa” and “Change” in Ndola produced by Sangula. After releasing his first two tracks which were not exposed or/and commercialised due to lack of financial backing, “Rex” (As he is fondly known) later started working for NDS transport in the heart of Ndola as a personnel assistant to raise money, so he could further pursue his dream of making good music. After working for NDS from 2006 to around the end of 2007, he retired with notice from NDS to create time due to committing to recording his debut album which he had started working on while he was still working for the aforementioned company.

 Rex travelled to Lusaka to promote his album and aspired to get it out to the market, but the album which was named “Secret Admirer” wasn’t also officially released by super shine due to quality control policies, which stated that the album was not of accepted air play quality. After this Rex was then referred and directed to TK’s Roma Side studios to improve on the production of his later works. He went to Roma side where he was advised to try recording 3 songs under the record label for a stated amount, which the young, enthusiastic singer from Ndola did not have at the time. He later auditioned for a amateur video shoot in Kalinga linga under the tutelage freeman, where he won and recorded his first video for the title track “Secret admirer”. The video drove Rex to stardom stage which attracted the attention of Matt, a presenter of the famous mobi-Tv music show “Hydrogen” who offered to help Rex in the production of his second album named “Battery low” which was finished in 2010 under Vessel Studios. The album was not officially released due to the closure of vessel studios, which then saw Rex moving to Miz Records in ng’ombe township. In the same year before releasing his album Rex also auditioned for a record deal with the studio Digital X under artist and producer Ray-do, but unfortunately wasn’t picked He met  artist Chika, known for his smashing hit song “Lupupa lupupa” from the album “Lupupa”which saw the two working together on the said project. Rex featured on two of Chika’s songs.

After working with Chika for a long period of time which saw the two becoming friends, Rexious later met the famous singer and song writer B1 who is famous for numerous hits including “Secret ku bed”, “Pillow” and “Mr Perfecto”. The song “Chipute” which brought B1 to the scene of the music industry is the song that brought Rexious to his attention after they met and spoke at a show hosted by Another level promotions run by Robert ntitima famously known as “Dj De-robby”. During the period when Rexious worked with the above affiliations, he began recording and working with Sona boys records under Dj Pasto. This saw the then registered upcoming artist working with Trixstar under wave energy records in 2013 where he recorded the smashing hit “Red card” and many others which included “Bonzo” and many more. This led to the upcoming artist attracting the attention of Daliso famously known as “Mwana wamu Komboni” who offered to work with Rexious. After recording the smash hit Red card, Rexious went back to using his government name Rexious, as he felt this would bring him close to his fans if they believed he wasn’t hiding behind an acronym or stage name.

ZambianMusic.Net notes that in 2014, Rexious then decided to change his genre of music to contempral kalindula, by going back to the root of kalindula with a twist of modern day instrumentation. This was inspired by Mr Boyd Chysanga who offered his word of wisdom on how to perfect the genre and later paid for three songs namely “Umulandu”, “Waluleta” and the remake of “Battery low”. He later stopped working with Mr Chysanga due to grievances the artist has chosen not to disclose and moved on to record “Kumushi” under Jerry fingerz which received favourable air-play and a massive response from funs. In 2015 Rexious then got involved and worked with Silent Erazer who through his unique producing abilities was able to fuse kalindula and several other genres to produce hit songs like “Bp”, “Bonzo”,”Nalakupa’ and “you’re beautiful” which were all part of his 3rd studio album “Kumushi’ which saw Rexious working with artists including Za yellowman, Tyce, Debrah, Blaze, Blacksnow and the legendary Afunika. The album was released in August and dropped a number of videos for the songs Bp and Bonzo among others, that are receiving positive response and enthusiastic airplay.

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