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WittYBoY hip hop/rap artist was born Mwansa Musonda Jr 27th July in the motherland of Southern Africa, Zambia, in Kabwe Town. WittYBoY has always had interest in music since his childhood. He use to compose songs at a early age, but never recorded any song till 2014 he decided to step in the booth and recorded his first single. He calls his music "Reality Check Music", because most of his lyrics in the music is the reminder of the state of things in the real world. It was when he moved to central province in Chisamba and met M-Jay Co-founder/Music

Producer/Artist at Jay Hustle Production he decided to use his talent as a rapper. In 2014 after releasing his first single under the same label, he was called back to the studio to feature on M-Jay's song called "Can't Back Down". It was the concept of the song that made them realize they had something in common and shared the same story from there Jay Hustle Production let WittYBoY under there wing and his been working with them, released more singles and been building each other. On 25th October, jubilee day Jay Hustle crew participated in a competition that was held at Ibis Gardens Hotel in Chisamba. The competition had first, second and third prize. Where they competed with the variety crews from the area. Jay hustle crew scooped the first prize. In 2015 WittYBoY stated working on a six track EP titled "THOUGHTS" and featured the local artist Reverb and Don Fidelis. This time around he decided to work with another label besides Jay

Hustle Production. He worked with Reverb producer at 4th Profile Studios, he recorded four tracks from the studio namely "Keeping It Real", "You Di One", "Knock Knock" and "How I Feel", all produced by Reverb and the remaining two tracks "Intro" and "Thoughts" were recorded at his day one studio Jay Hustle Production. The EP talks about real life situations and he shares his thoughts on a song called "Thoughts" on the EP track number 2. He talked about how people have let social media ruin there friendships among themselves he raped about how its had to get a fellow to talk to you, because everyone has there mind stuck in there phones.

And at the end of the year on Dec 21, 2015 the EP was released online. In 2016, January WittYBoY paid Chingola a visit after been MIA from the city, Chingola been one of the cities that raised him. While in the city he composed a song called "Love Lost" on a beat by Bow Wow of the song "Ain't Thinking about You". He decided to create his own version. He went to Yeah Baby Music a Chingola based record label owned by Vue Smallz the producer. He recorded the song with Vue Smallz and featured Kai on the chorus one of the signed artist under Yeah Baby Music. "Love lost" WittYBoY's first single for 2016 came out on Jan 26, 2016. WittYBoY is planing to release more more inspiring, motivational singles, EPs, Mixtapes, Albums.

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