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Naimah (born 2nd July 1990) is a South African based, Zambian born beautiful singer introducing a compelling sound that fuses pop, Caribbean dancehall, all genres she cites as being her personal favorites. Spending her earliest and teen years in Lusaka and Kitwe, Zambia, respectively, Naimah describes herself as always being shy and withdrawn as a child. To combat her shyness, her sister encouraged her to enter school play roles, singing and modeling competitions which she always emerged the winner. It was only then that Naimah realized her passion for singing and her ability to express herself through music on stage. In fact since then she has not missed an opportunity to write, sing or perform on one.

Although she left her home country when she was 17 to complete her high school studies in Johannesburg with the intention of studying to become a registered Clinical Psychologist, Naimah’s passion for music dominated all other interests.  She attended vocal training at DFP productions (2009-2013) where she acquired advanced vocal and performance training before graduating in 2013 with a BA degree. Two Psychology degrees later from WITS in 2014, Naimah chose to follow her passion for music and pursue her music career while running a family business involved in logistics and packaging instead of continuing with Master’s, something considers pursuing in the near future. She has just released her debut single titled, “Long Time” and is aiming to introduce to the music industry this new sound she refers to as Caribbean infused Pop. The single is only a precursor to her follow up single, titled “Mash up di place”, leading up to the anticipated release of an Album that she is currently working on with SA Producer Siviwe Nkanyuza (aka Kimosabe).

Besides music, ZambianMusic.Net was told that Zambian song bird Naimah strives to branch into other industries she shares a passion in. They include hair, beauty and fashion, writing, traveling, health and fitness but most of all she would like to make an impact in communities by raising awareness around social ills like poverty, mental health stigma, drug abuse, crime and violence; something she is already doing by being a volunteer counselor and public speaker at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). The business savvy bombshell is proving that there is more to her than being a book smart- pretty face as she has set the bar high for her and other independent artists alike. Being an independent artist, she has set off to break boundaries and pave her own lane of having full independence and ownership of her art. She believes there is a platform for African artists to make their mark in the industry without relying on the initial help of big labels, countless celebrity features or recognition and huge financial backing but admits it takes a lot of patience, resilience to rejection, dedication and persistence to stay motivated in the game.

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