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ZambianMusic.Net spoke to this Kasonde Makasa, better known as Kas or Kastro and what we realised is that, Kastro is a recording artist goes by the stage name KAStro tha C.B Kid. He was born in 1990 in Lusaka, Zambia and later moved to the Copperbelt, Kitwe. Born into a family of 3, as the first. He started out as a rapper in 2001, and has been on a learning curve since then. In 2004, he formed a Hip-hop group, Killahbeez with a friend, and music mentor, King Kila Khat, then K.A Black Jack. At the time Tha C.B Kid went by the stage name KAStrodamus. He started out as a strong and deep lyricist and writer, and later developed himself as a beat boxer, and lyrical artist, using high school as they main platform.

Although a lover of legendary musician, Bob Marley, KAStro can describe his music as Soul-Hiphop, Afro-Pop and Dancehall. Bob Marley being his greatest influence in life and music. Damian Marley is currently his major influence. KAStro grew up listening to a great deal of Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim Allah, Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, DMX and KRS-ONE, and in his career has been influenced by K'naan, ProVerb, Nas, WordsWorth, Floetry, Busy Signal, Ludacris, Sean Paul. Tha C.B Kid has always been a close follower of underground artists in Zambia and enjoys listening to local, upcoming and Zambian underground music. As a lover of Poetry and an up and fast coming poet himself under the pseudonym Kastro Von Wagnir Navarrone, poetry plays a huge part in KAStro’s lyrical delivery, as he is able to incorporate real life circumstances. “Poetry is a very passionate expression of one’s truest and deepest emotions”. He states emphatically, and that It is his biggest inspiration in his music. KAStro is about the positively and a feel good semblance that should uplift a listener's spirits.
He blends a commercial yet playful hip-hop style in Jamaican patois, Afro Pop, and afro-lingual in his music.

In 2006, they released “Get it Crunk” with its newest recruit Kween B [aka Lady MC].The song produced by AISM Records, just shot up his street cred and respect among listeners and rappers alike together with his crew members. He recruited 3 more members, rapper duo J Knox & GQ, and Spiro K, on a follow through song, ‘We Still Beez [Get it Crunk]’. He collaborated with King Kila Khat on ‘Can I Call’ and ‘Stand Up’ in 2008, the former which threw the ladies off their feet as it was a ‘Holla-at-the-girl’ type of song, reports

He and King Kila Khat dropped a diss song “Can’t Hold Us” in 2009 as KillahBeez, in retribution to other rappers that were bad mouthing his crew. The song was a street hit and nothing more was heard from the bad mouthers. He went on to release “Ku Migodi” [trans. to ‘The Copperbelt’] in 2011, a song hailing and taking pride in the region he grew up and lived. It got massive attention regionally and was frequently played on the local Hip Hop radio shows. It was on his first Mixtape, ‘The Era of Formidable Emcees’, with ‘Redefining the Game’, ‘Formidable’ and ‘Stargazing’ as other singles that got him a buzz. On the mixtape, shortened to ‘Formidable Emcee’, he displayed how deep and lyrical he truly was and becoming. In the same year, he dropped a song ‘We KILLAH’, honoring his group that was semi disbanded at the time.

In 2012, he released his 2nd mixtape “Dreams, Memoires, Reflections of a Paroxysmal Heart” with songs like ‘Looking at the Sky’, ‘In the Moment’ and ‘Missing You’. On this mixtape, ‘Memoires’ he expressed how poetic his lyrics can get and it’s a perfect example of how his poetry is a great inspiration for his songs.  In 2013, he released a number of singles with rapper and close friend Don Fidelis [B.K.A Ch3ck-M8t], Roots [Back to Hip Hop] and ‘I Die Inside’ that he featured and produced, and ‘SkyFalls’ a sample of Adele’s original soundtrack for the then just released 007 movie Skyfall, and ‘Shake the World’ and ‘My Khaleesi’, which were released under Artist Development and Distribution Company, ZeeMusic LTD.  

KAStro went on to release a mixtape under the same distribution company in 2014, titled, ‘I am the C.B Kid’ which included the latter 3 singles, and ‘Gonna Make It’, ‘Telegrams from Heaven’ and ‘Feel this Pain’. On the mixtape was a song produced by Ghana based international producer Sammie Blacc, on a promotional song ‘Nonsense [Move ya Body]’, an Afro Pop/Dancehall song which featured Ghanaian superstar Kay Dizzle. Same year, KAStro collaborated with award winners Andy-P and Nox Luchi on a song titled ‘Fill Op and Drink Op’ produced and released under Media group P-Storm Entertainments.

In 2015, he released a single ‘Pamulu [Levels Done Changed]’ for his upcoming E.P ‘Ka Dyonko: A Taste of Phenomenal Music’ which was to be released later that year, but due to technicalities it wasn’t realized. He is soon to pick up the project and the release is yet TBA. Pamulu which brought in a very unique sound featuring upcoming RnB J-Slick made a great buzz, getting massive radio play nationwide, and a few international plays. He went on to shoot the video which was well received but poorly marketed and so never officially aired on any major T.V station.  

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