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Wezi, sometimes refered to as Wezi HeartSound comes from a long tradition of soulful Zambian singers; and if you want to see her bare her soul - listen to her hit single Ambuya. beleives that Wezi he is the new Queen of AfroSoul, Jazz and RnB in Zambia. We're in a global village, even though we may have different cultures its safe to say that great music influences us all in a similar fashion and Wezi has that thing about her music. The talented guitarist, vocalist, and song writer follows a long line of amazing Zambian legends  - Maureen Lilanda, Angela Nyirenda, Marsha Moyo, Anna Mwale, Jane Osbourne, Muriel Mwamba and many others too numerous to mention.

The world has finally caught on to African music and AfroSoul though not a new sound to the African ear, the new twist Wezi puts on the genre is worth paying attention to. She successfully blended African folk, funk, and soul to lift this sound in a crowded field. The songstress has swept the Zambian music industry by storm. If you're Zambian on in the region - you'd recognize her from Willz Mr. Nyopole’s 2015 award winning song Toliwe or General Ozzy's Pamodzi. Born Wezi Mhone  into a loving christian family with 4 siblings with both parentis in the church - her dad an apostle and her mom a pastor; Wezi had a classic soul singer up bringing around music. Zambian musician Wezi credits her passion for music to her parents who encouraged her to sing. She was the lead singer of her school scripture union, its said that she started singing and performing for her friends and family at an early age of 7 and by age 11 she was writing and performing her own songs and poems.

Close friends to Wezi confirmed to ZambianMusic.Net that she (Wezi) moved to Lusaka after completing her secondary education so that she could pursue her dreams in the music business. She burst onto the Zambian music scene in 2012, with her heart riveting track Ambuya; the song is about her grand mother. The lyrics talk about their relationship and the hook speaks about their close relationship, the moments they shared together at home and on the road. The second talks about her grandmothers wise words and deep conversations they shared. Wezi's songs are well known for their passion and she's been compared to South Africa's Zahara. She has collaborated on songs with Jay Rox on Nthenda and the aforementioned legendary General Ozzy on Pamodzi. she recently released a cover of Zonefam’s 2013 knock out track Translate, which has been lighting up the online clubs, bars, and earbuds everywhere.

ZambianMusic.Net beleives that Wezi's music is simply amazing, easy to listen to and calming - its inspirational, its folksy, soulful, and like I said its AfroSoul. Though its too early to say, but if she keeps at it. Wezi will one day perch amongst Africa's greatest Afro-soul singers like mama Miriam Makeba.