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Born in 1989, Zambian musician Kachanana Danhil Simate known to her fans as Kachanana is the last person to be bothered with the opinion of the public jury. Her sound is controversial; her music is from the heart. Kachanana grew up in a family of four boys and she was the only girl. During her primary school, She spent a lot of time with boys. Actually she used to even dress up like boys. That made many people to think that she was a boy too. Some of her friends always called her a tom-boy.

ZambianMusic.Net confirmed that Kachanana hit the music industry with her song Niza Chita Bwanji. Towards the end of 2007, Kachanana released Woman’s Paradise, Freedom Africa, Mulati Waka among others. As a multifaceted writer, singer, actress and designer, Kachanana decided to pursue all her passions while studying Mass communication at The university of Zambia, balancing school and work she dropped singles which were released to great acclaim. She then released her debut album Kanyimbo, produced by Jossie beats. She burst onto the scene again with her smash hit Bubble Gum Lover featuring B-Flow.

Kachanana later worked for Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC TV) as a host for her own entertainment show “Kachy's Brew”. The show was such a hit that it received a second season on the national broadcaster. Even though she was fulfilling her dream of being on television, presenting and acting, she still loved singing and so she left her job to pursue music full-time. She was quoted saying “Some people will be wondering as to why I would leave work which was giving me a steady income for music. But I think everything has time. I think life is a cycle. Everything changes. For me, this is a God-given talent. I’ve done my school and also worked. But now, I want to use the talent that God gave me”, she told yesterday. Even though she is heavily criticized by the public, Kachanana is the last person to be bothered with the opinion of the public jury