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Zambian Musician JK was born Jordan Katembula and he's a very popular Zambian vocalist, composer and producer. The fifth son of both a businessman and woman, Jordan was born in 1978 in Ndola, Zambia. His junior school was Chilengwa Basic School in Ndola and he completed his secondary education at Lubuto School, also in Ndola. Jordan started embracing music with his peers as early as the age of eight whilst in his fourth year of junior school. Jordan says : “I was always singing (at home, school), always, but I chose to keep it to myself - maybe because at the time I was not confident enough to sing to an audience. I enjoyed it.”

JK stepped onto the show bizz gush in 1997 when he first recorded his demo at The Savoy Hotel in Ndola with a band known as The Ukwa Band. After huge applauses and credits, Jordan decided to trek to Lusaka for greener pastures where he met one of Zambia’s well-renowned rap artists MC Wabwino at the Heritage Studio. It was at this point that J.K. was showcased when he featured on MC Wabwino’s popular album Yamene Yamene. JK goes on to explain: “In 1999, I felt it was time to move on and create music and this prompted me to team up with a very good friend, Kelvin Mwesa and together we formed a group called New Age and I became the lead vocalist. Initially, our intention as New Age was to produce a gospel album but then we conscripted our sound engineer and producer Sebastian Mutale and decided to change the whole gospel concept to something more secular instead. We released two albums: our well renowned debut Biyoyo and Chikokoshi, which did very well too.”

During the year 2000, Jordan also worked with the all-boy group Just Close and sang with them on their smash hit 'Twamilumbanya', which was featured on the Rhythm Nation Project. J.K.’s unblemished voice also features on Shatel’s debut album Chikondi, on the hit song 'Naitopela' that has dominated music charts. He also wrote and produced the track 'Tamwagupile'. Now firmly established as the leading Zambian musician of his generation, J.K. has made a tremendous impact on the country's music scene over the past year. His hit songs have dominated the airwaves and his many concerts across the country have mesmerised audiences. According to ZambianMusic.Net, JK.'s first solo album, self-titled JK was released in 2001. In 2002, J.K. received a Ngoma Award as well as a KORA Award nomination. He also performed in London and South Africa. In addition, he has got critical acclaim and massive public support for his many concerts and appearances. JK.'s second album, the 14-track Helena, was released in 2003. It features a wonderful guest appearance by Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mtukuzi on a track called 'Dzokera' in Shona and Bemba. J.K. uses different languages - on Helena the title track is in Kiswahili: in writing the lyrics J.K. meticulously used a Kiswahili dictionary. J.K's style varies from upbeat dance raps, ragga, to slow ballads, all of which he does equally well. 'Mbombola' on the CD JK has a fantastic Congolese soukous beat. With a very supportive team of people that he works with and a determined and energetic attitude, Zambian artist JK has since excelled as a powerfull business man and his music has taken him places. states that JK is one of those few Zambian musicians who have traded Zambia to the world through music.