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His name is Mapopa Siwila also know by his stage name Degreez he is a young Zambian Rapper and music writer and co owner of Holo Not Solo a music group. Degreez describes himself as a hiphop artist , who is able to infuse a contemporary approach to music. Mapopa was raised in woodlands independence ave the later moved to Rhodes park this where he made friends who would also encourage him to pursue music everyday after school he and his friends would put money together to pay for studio time and made music for fun. 

 At the age of fourteen (14) Degreez was schooling at Rhodes park school during free times and prep time Degreez used that time to write raps with friends and rap in class , when Degreez finished school by Rhodes park. He then went to Zcas to study Imis which included computer programming after one year he later decided to change the course and enrolled in ABE  (Association of Business Executives) by Zcas because Degreez was inspired by some of his friends, he had two things that he loved being a procurement officer and a Rapper so balancing going to college and recording music but hard work to Degreez isn't something new he made time to do both.

Degreez told ZambanMusic.Net that the music industry in Zambia isn't easy to be in but Degreez changed that when he recorded a song called KonKa also know as Follow me the song was a big song it had the international sound to it the fans loved it so much Degreez just had to record the music video for it. This song opened doors and took him to the next level Degreez has worked with other upcoming artists in the industry and this has enabled him to gain exposure and experience in his delivery. Degreez has worked with producers and Artists  like Zone Fams main producer named Shom C he made and mastered the beat for All Dem Girls and All Dem Girls the remix which are both big hits and has 16776 Downloads on music Zambia dotcom he also worked with dj Kwendo owner of Afro Entertainment he made and mastered the beat for KonKa. Degreez created a new sound that has everyone liking his music and as for now Degreez is making Zambia proud soon the whole world will know who Degreez is

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