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Born (Hellan Thomas Kabanga) on the  11th of February 1997. Is an RnB as well as a rock musician now going by the stage name Hizo Fiver. Hizo is a name that I cut out of the nickname that my friends called me in high school, the name "Hellanizo". I never really liked it so I decided to make it nice and unique by removing the "ellan" and living the starting "H" and the ending three letters "I.Z.O" which made it HIZO, it is also a code shortcut of (Hellan Is Zoning Over ,H.I.Z.O) and Fiver is Fever I just removed the letter "E" and replaced it with an "I" ,the FEVER name actually came from the people who loved and supported me when I rapped and sang for them at the very begging of my music career, they said I gave them the fever.

I am the first born in a family of six children,and the only boy which makes me very special,says my mom. I get my inspiration from artists like Justin Bieber, Craig David, Drake, Roberto, T Sean, Da Recorder, Salma, Jason Derulo, Chirs Brown, One Direction, Zyan Malik, Linking Park, and the late Michael Jackson to mention a few of them, I listen to a lot of RnB,Pop and Rock Music and i guess that is the reason I went the singing way although I started off as a rapper. I started taking my music career seriously at the age of 15 although i only knew how to do and write english songs at that time, but with the help of a producer I once worked with called Curtis,who made me see and view a better side of my talent, he showed and brought out a better version of me so to say,furthermore he made me listen to a lot of Zambian music from artists like Roberto, T Sean, Salma, Israel,the late P Jay and JK,

This really helped me improve on my local lyrics and have a wider range of music styles in my head, it also gave my music a perfect local feel and a very good lyrical content. I completed my secondary education in 2015 at a boarding school called Luangwa Secondary School, this place also contributed a lot to my music career in terms of vocal practice and music writing this was because of the big bush we liked to call Kazoto!, were I could go most of the times to practice on my high notes with out anyone telling me that I was making nose for them, I spent almost every free time that I had there with a pen,book and an Mp3 player, it was such a great experience because I learned a lot, both in music and academically.

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