To Advertise, Call / WhatsApp +256752399999 chatted with Banx546 and this is what he told this site, "My real names are Aaron Baza Dokowe. I was born on 21’st October, 1991 in Chipata Eastern Province of Zambia. I am Tumbuka by tribe and I am the first born in a family of five. I completed my grade twelve in 2010 at Katete Day Secondary School. I started my music career way back in 2008 while I was in grade ten but took music seriously in 2011 when I was out of school. I have recorded songs like ‘’ Chibelo ni capital ‘’ which I featured my close friend Chimzy Kelly, ‘’ my lady ‘’ which I did with K’millian and it was produced by PMP at GNX studio; then ‘’ Gula Nikumwele ‘’ which I did alone and many more other songs. I have worked with different eastern based producers like PMP and Amarue of GNX studio , Mwaba Muzo of Eastside Entertainment and DJ Pasta of Pasta Records. I am more into dancehall music but I also do hip-pop. I am looking forward to releasing a video for my song ‘’ Chibelo ni capital ‘’ which I did with chimzy Kelly in 2016.

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