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My name is Lloyd Chirwa also known as LLoydee Mr. Kabovelo. I was born on the 28th February late 1980s. I am an Artist best known for zed hip hop with some foreign rhythm touch in my music, and am also a poet. My music career kicked off way back in high school. I used to be one of the best Composition writers at school, and it was from then that I decided to try and put the same skill in composing songs. After high school and whilst waiting on Uni. education I decided to get into the music industry fully and share my thoughts about how I view society. I released couple of songs like Chidinize and pa bondix with Slap Dee, Beat Voko Nyimbo with Maya etc.

Kabovelo explained to that "I am a fan of movie series and it was through that love of film and its potential to inspire change in society, that I observed and learnt Visual production and photography. I am now a founder and C.E.O of Kabovelo Brands, kabovelo Filmz, Kabovelo Pictures, LifeStyle and Kabovelo Clothing line. I am a graduate from the University of Zambia with a bachelors’ degree in the school of mass communication. I am now an entrepreneur running a few businesses in the heart of Lusaka and in other Areas within the country.