To Advertise, Call / WhatsApp +260974195959 spoke to this young gospel artist and this is what he told our editor. My real name is Alfred sakala and my stage name is Afred freezy. I was born in the year 1993 in the month of June on the 21st day in Lusaka at the university teaching hospital (UTH). I have lived In lusaka since birth till now,never have I traveled to any province. In my growing up,I grew up to be a young boy that was into sciences and more especially biological sciences because of my visiting in and out of hospitals. I used to be one kind of a person that used to be seriously and dangerously sick every after five months and each time the fifth month past without seriously being ill I would ask myself questions like "is everything alright with me",weird right?,little did I know that these where attacks from the devil,but am proud that God has delivered me.

This is one of the reasons I sing and praise my God. And I believe I'll become a medical doctor some day so that I may be able to share the comfort that God has given to me to others. I developed my interest in music at a tender age. At the age of nine I became interested in learning how to sing. I used to watch my uncles listen and watch RnB music,they where so in love with RnB music by Boys2men and pop music mostly by micheal jackson and west-life. I have a twin sis who encourages me so much in doing music,she's so amazing and there is non like her. I come from a family of four where we are 2 boys and girls where am the only one that can really sing,and this puzzles a lot of people.

At the age of fifteen I wrote more than ten songs with the hope that someone would come and recognize my gift and give me support or sponsor me but no support was available. without loosing hope I got born again and Joined bread of life church and realized the purpose of my life. Later I joined the praise team and I upgraded in my singing and things where no longer the same for me. At the church cell meeting we had what we call the "hot seat" were u seat on a chair and people begin to ask you questions,I was asked what my passion is,and my answer was "I have this deep passion for music" and realized that this one guy was asking too many questions. The next day this guy came to my place with his friend and that's how I was introduced to a group called restore city. As Restore city we did a volume 1 project which hit air play on most of the radio stations. The compilation had songs like "Aku konda" which has a video. I met DJ clerk who is now Dj sam at clerk music which is now Jesus avenue where I did my amalumbo song.

Currently I am signed under phat jam records where I believe God will do wonders. If I were to sum up my life I would sum it up in one word and that is "grace".I thank God for my life and the gift that he has lavished upon me and I will share this love in me through music and through evangelism. most importantly to save souls for God's kingdom is my aim and for God I shall do so.

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