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"Mr Blue Churchboy", born and bred in Zambia, Africa is a Ngoni by tribe. He told that "I have had passion in music and I've always wanted to be a musician since childhood when I was in grade 4. I kept my dream alive til I recorded my first track in 2009 when I was in my tens grade. I came in as a secular artist. I did 3 songs then decided to pause a bit because I was being disturbed. Instead of studying I would spend a lot of time to write songs and also escaping from school to the studio.

Finally in 2011 after finishing my high before going back to music, I met God and I realized that I can do something better with my talent rather doing the dissing n immoral kinda music. I had to kill n quit the worldly lifestyle and I decided within myself that I will use my talent and skills to praise and worship God, preach to and win the lost souls, and encourage people in matters of real life. The journey began. In 2013 I did my first 2 gospel tracks entitled "Rap For Jesus" and "Do it this way" which featured Epas'. It was so amazing cause I received a lot of comments from people than the times I was in secular. At last I felt I was doing something and was so happy that I was doing it for God. From January 2015 I've been working on my first album Titled "Ndafilwa Ukulanda" which will have 10 tracks though I have single tracks released. I am currently not yet signed to any Record label.