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Teddy Sichone aka Tiger Man was born in Mongu district of Western Province of Zambia on 21st September 1977. He was brought up from a Catholic Christian family on the Copperbelt Province. He did his primary school at Justin Kabwe in Kitwe and qualified to Grade 8 at Kitwe Boys, then went to Luanshya Boys and completed his secondary education in 1996 at Roan Antelope. Thereafter,  he changed from being a Catholic to a Pentecostal because he  wanted to be communicating more with God at personal level. confirms that Tiger Man started writing dancehall music in 1990 whilst his friends were busy mimicking MC Hammer and Vannila Ice. He wrote his first dancehall track ‘Negative Rude’ (still in his lyrics book) whilst at Kitwe  Boys .When he moved to Luanshya in 1993 he wrote his second song ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, which earned him a nickname ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. Others, like his wife who was his girlfriend by that time, nicknamed him Igalala because of his tongue twisting skills.
After completing secondary education, he concentrated on running his late father’s business  (Mpandwa Investments Limited - dealing in transporting and food supplying) but still mastering the art of dancehall. In 1998, Tiger Man pursued his Accounting career at ZIBSIP in Kitwe and graduated in 1999. Thereafter, he was engaged in as an Accounts Assistant at Total Zambia Limited in the year 2000 and rose through rank-and-file to an Accountant with Techzam Limited.

Whilst working he mingled with the likes of DJ Cosmo and W.Star. Tiger Man has also worked with Kayombo, Master Flow and Roony G. In developing his music career, Tiger Man and colleagues to sharpen sharpen their voices in Libala south, and wrote some songs with Kayombo. Later on, he joined Zampost 2005 and resigned in 2009 to incorporate his own business Divine Investments Limited. Tiger Man has done songs produced by CB the DJ under Home Sweet Home records. Among these songs are: Kolyokolyo featuring 2Jack and Wellrich, Open da Way featuring 2Jack and Wellrich, Ndalama with 2Jack, Number One etc. Currently, he is with Loudmouth Studio and has come back to take over dancehall in Zambia in a booyaka booyaka and kowtow kowtow style. Do you wish to know when Tiger Man will be releasing a new song or video, then call or whatsApp us on +260979974400