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Swish is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist & songwriter from Avondale, Lusaka, Zambia. Swish was born Farai Muzungaile, on 15th September 1988 in Lusaka, Zambia. He fell in love with music at the age of 9 years old in 1997. Swish has lived in Avondale, Lusaka, since 1993 'til date, hence thats why he calls himself "Avondale's Finest" in most of his songs.

He started music on a professional level (career-wise level) in 2012. By mid-2013, Swish released his Mixtape titled “FaRaIDAY” which meant a combination of his real name ‘Farai and the day Friday’ (Farai + Friday = FaRaIDAY). A few songs off the mixtape such as ‘FaRaIDAY, My Department, Do Great and You Decide’ received massive airplay on radio stations such as UNZA Radio, JOY FM and POWER FM. In December 2013, he released his first official music video titled “You Decide” which was directed by N.X.T Solutionz. In February 2014, he released his 2nd music video titled “FaRaIDAY” and the video received massive airplay on a local TV station known as MUVI Nyimbo. Throughout the rest of 2014, he released 3 other music videos for his songs titled “My Department”, “Do Great and “Pretend Sometimes”.

In May 2014, I featured on the ZNBC-TV2 music show known as “3.7 Blaze” hosted by G-Wise and performed my song “You Decide”. In October 2014, I made an appearance on DSTV’s Africa Magic show “Kumwesu” with former Big Brother housemate Cleo Ice Queen and DJ Tanny from YAR FM /Y-Zone in a #ZambiaAt50 segment explaining “Why We Are Proud To be Zambian”. The show was aired on Zambia’s Independence Day, Golden Jubilee Friday 24th October 2014. In December 2014, I featured on the Muvi TV show known as “Teen Fusion” hosted by Cheswa and Thandiwe and performed my song “Adventure”.

Swish confirmed to that on 14th January 2015, my music video titled “My Department” started getting airplay on the international music channel in Africa known as Channel O up-to-date. This moment was my biggest breakthrough in the music industry This moment was my biggest breakthrough in the Zambian music industry and throughout the African continent.

From the period of September 2014 until September 2015, Swish worked with local artists such as Kan2, Krytic, Willz and Slapdee on his hit singles namely, “Pretend Sometimes”, “FaRaIDAY Remix” and “Currently” which received massive airplay on radio stations all over Zambia and also on a few radio stations in Ghana. In November 2015, he had his first music interview on Muvi TV’s popular show “The Pipo’s Choice”. Other singles that were released by Swishy Swish in the year 2015 include “Disturbing” and “Indicator”. Recently, on 12th January 2016, he made his first appearance on Zambia’s biggest talk show known as “Smooth Talk” hosted by Innocent Kalaluka. Do you wish to know when Ruff Kid will be releasing a new song or video, then call or whatsApp us on +260979974400