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Chali Mulalami (born December 28, 1975), known as Chali Bravo, is a Zambian record producer, song writer, executive producer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and current CEO of Sling Beats Media. Chali Bravo has produced albums for, and jump-started/overseen the careers of many artists, including K’millian, Ozzy, Mampi, Roberto, Hamoba, TY2, Kanji, Crystal Shawn, Namanje and Choklet. He is credited as a key figure in the creation of modern Zed music, a style of music characterized by simple (4) chord progressions derived from R&B and Rock, played with piano, guitar, slow strings, heavy bass and beats. Over a course of 6 years (2003 to 2006), Bravo had written/produced/published in excess of 350 songs in 30+ albums making him comprehensively the biggest single contributor in the history of Zambian music.

Bravo began his working life as a graphic designer and abstract painter then struck out as an entrepreneur going through various general trade, eventually venturing into property management before settling in music. His debut of K’millian first album in 2003 marked the beginning of a new era for Zambian music with the introduction of the soulful sound which inspired a new generation of poetic story telling song writing. He went on to popularize Zambian music in East Africa through artists like Ozzy and UZ47, a super group consisting of Roberto from Zambia and Toniks from Uganda.

Bravo is currently a media production specialist with experience in graphic designing, TV production, event production and sound engineering. He spends his time traveling to East Africa and abroad. Though his focus is on publishing and distribution he remains one of the most revered and sort after song writer/producer in his region. Chali Bravo's current goal is to turn Zambian music from just an industry to business. His motto is “Dream it, Think Through It, Do It. Do you wish to know when Chali Bravo will be releasing a new song or video, then call or whatsApp us on +260979974400

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