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The artist born and raised from kabwe town, is a talented song-writer.  He ascended from a group called "Vamu Blood" embarked on his musical voyage in 2005.  Many may remember him on his previous hit song “Chamene Chinalenga a reply to Nalu’s original “Wakumbali – mai wanga”. In 2010 Cas-G launched the album Nipatali (which gave birth to the foundation called Nipatali).  Cas-G is a big artist and yet people long to know the image/Brand behind the Chamene Chinalenga, Bwafya Napanga and Lonely.  Therefore,  2nice Media-Yapa Zambia is working on building the artist’s image as a brand and create events that will attract both local and international market. Cas-G has collaborated with known artists namely JK, B1, Exile, Choklet, Tok Cido, Oga family and recently with Chester. As a song-writer he has worked with Ozzy, by writing the hit song “Chino Chalo and Nimusanga.

Cas G told that having worked with a number of big artist, the artist has finally arrived and says its time to give the fans what they have been waiting for – the NIPATALI album. He released the Nipatali 16 track album on 19 December 2015 loaded with hits, fans and every1 should enjoy the album. Cas-G is currently busy working on his next hits and fans and he won’t fail to impress. Do you wish to know when Cas G will be releasing a new song or video, then call or whatsApp us on +260979974400

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