To Advertise, Call / WhatsApp +256752399999 took time and met these beautiful ladies who came together to form a girl's group called Davaos. Anivao whose real names are Annie Phiri, was born on 17th July 1988 in Chingola and raised in Mufulira in a family of two girls and two boys, from a Christian family.i attended my pre-grade at Eagle school from up to my grade seven.did my secondary at pamodzi girls in mufulira central and completed in 2008 at the same Sschool the end of 2008 I moved to Lusaka to join my mum and my sister, I meet my cousin Dalivao who had done away with school, who's real name is Dalisto Violet Phiri born on 24th August 1990 from a family of five girls and one boy.she went to Arakan high school from 2000 to 20014. By early 2005 I started singing even when I meet my cousin Annie Phiri at church.

That's when we formed the group DAVAOS. We are chewe by tribe we come from the eastern province of Zambia.At st . Patrick's UCZ church violet and Annie phiri we sang together in the church choir as where we discovered that we can sing as a group Davaos which was driven from the word promise.we later gave it a try from Black stone studio where we recorded our first song "Bouncing the Beat" as Davaos and written by us and produced in 2010 from the same studio.

As you know practice makes perfect, we went on to compose and recorded our second song from trick star studios which featured tyce, called "bye bye".from there and then we have been working with different artists and studios who liked and believed in us.for example we recorded our songs from K-amy studios, songs like Bola,Holiday and Salula which happened to be our favourite:-which was written and composed by paychi and Tyce. It talks about never to give up in life but to hustle because there are ups and down in life but no one knows what tomorrow holds.we have also worked with Bailla who composed and written songs for us e.g TV and Data.and it's TV that was our second video after Salula but T.V heat the air-waves like no man's business which lead to its nomination of Born N Bred awards.Also worked with kekero the song featuring kayfigo titled "PABA CHIMO"its a mad tune. Do you wish to know when the Davaos will be releasing a new song or video, then call or whatsApp us on +260979974400