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Fumbani Louis Changaya Junior, widely recognized by his stage name F Jay, was born on July 27, 1988, in Madras, Lusaka, Zambia. This exceptionally gifted artist has earned the title of "the King of R&B" due to his remarkable talent and contributions to the music scene.   F Jay's artistic journey began as a member of the group Street Fame, where he showcased his diverse skills as a producer, singer, and songwriter. Together with his dynamic quartet, they excelled in rap, dance, and vocals, capturing the attention of audiences and fellow artists alike.   Street Fame gained popularity by participating in numerous dance battles and hip-hop events, mesmerizing spectators with their extraordinary abilities and inspiring others to embrace their talents.   Their breakout hit, "Chimodzi Chili Bad," swiftly climbed the charts and became a staple on Zambian radio stations, solidifying F Jay's position in the music industry. During his college years, F Jay collaborated with several fellow musicians, setting up a makeshift studio equipped with a microphone and mixer. It was in this college studio that he began exploring his singing abilities, capturing hearts with his soulful Valentine's Day song and establishing himself as a rising R&B vocalist.   F Jay's talents caught the attention of Marvel, a rapper signed to So Good Entertainment, who featured him on several tracks. Marvel was astounded by F Jay's skills and shared their collaborative work with the label's executives, who were equally captivated. In no time, F Jay became an esteemed member of the So Good family.   The release of F Jay's solo projects, including his breakthrough hit single "Official Love," propelled him to new heights. Recognizing the scarcity of pure R&B songs in the country, he confidently embraced the title of the King of R&B, a label that resonated deeply with his audience.   Continuing to enchant listeners with his performances, F Jay attracted the attention of industry peers, leading to collaborations with renowned artists such as Chef 187, Zone Fam, Pilato, and Macky 2.   His ability to seamlessly adapt to different musical styles and exhibit vocal versatility further elevated his standing in the industry. Fearlessly exploring diverse genres and sounds, F Jay proved himself as an artist unafraid to push boundaries.   Currently, F Jay takes on the role of the lead vocalist in the Afrobeat trio Urban Hype, contributing to their harmonious success and solidifying his position as a multifaceted talent.   Through his undeniable skill and unwavering determination, Fumbani Louis Changaya Junior, affectionately known as F Jay, has firmly established himself as the unparalleled King of R&B and a perennial force in the music industry.