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Cedric Kasongo, also known as Flex3r is a Congolese-American actor, artist, singer, and songwriter. Cedric began his journey as a musician at a very young age, much like his acting career. Growing up singing in his church choir, Cedric was a primed talented singer who could sing very a diverse vocal range from Soprano to Bass. Cedric grew up in Zambia after his family escaped DR Congo during a war at just 1 year of age. His family spent the next 12 years living in a refugees camp in the northwestern province of Zambia.  ´╗┐Cedric and his family relocated to the US in 2010, just before the turn of the year. Cedric began his life in the US in his new hometown of Baton Rouge, home to some of the most talented musicians in the industry such as Boosie, Kevin Gates, and NBA Youngboy. Just an hour away, you have New Orleans, a city that's home to legends such as Lil Wayne, Mia X, and Master P. It's no surprise that music was the first part of the American culture that attracted Cedric. He eventually began his music journey in the US after meeting a friend named YungEmma, an aspiring music producer at the time and now one of the most primed music videographers in the industry.    After making countless hip-hop beats, YungEmma often made sure his friends heard it. With guidance from YungEmma, Cedric picked up an interest in Music Production and began making beats as well. After he amassed hundreds of beats that landed in his phone from YungEmma, Cedric had no choice but to attempt becoming a songwriter. With no formal education in songwriting, Cedric began writing freely in a way that made sense to him by just "following the rhythm of the beat" as he described.    In 2018, Cedric improved his songwriting skills and realized he had a serious talent in the art of music. He recorded and released his first five songs on all music platforms. The busy life of college made it difficult to stay consistent with his music, but there was plenty of time to listen to music and the list of never-ending beats from YungEmma. After some time, Cedric decided to take down all the five songs he initially released. Asked why? "I realized the songs were sh..t, I decided to take those trash down, work on my craft then start releasing songs when I'm good enough to release them," he explained. From 2018 to 2022, Cedric spent the next four years working on his music, learning the arts of production, songwriting, mixing, and mastering.    After continuously surprising himself, Cedric marked down his calendar and aimed to start publishing music again, beginning in 2022. That would start with "Long Gone" which he published on his birthday, February 28th, 2022. A song inspired by a dream he once had of him performing on stage in a white suit at the Grammy Awards. Where this journey takes him is just a question we can all ask, but there's no doubt he's talented enough to "change people's lives through music," something he describes as his ultimate goal in writing songs. You can find some of the most recent releases on all platforms, as he promised to release at least one song every month for the rest of the year 2022. Find him on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, and go subscribe to his youtube channel for more access to what goes on behind the scenes.