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Gift Kunyanda popularly known as Kuncho Mindset was born in Lusaka on 7th July 1999. Kuncho Mindset is a Zambian rapper, songwriter, businessman and trendsetter. When asked the meaning of his stage name the rapper said “Kuncho” means someone who's creative and generous, while “Mindset” basically refers to his change from being a book nerd to being a rapper. Attended his high school at Sesheke high school from 2014 to 2016. While in high school he was active in JETS, Quiz and did a bit of volleyball and netball here and there. One of his favorite subjects in high school were history, chemistry and literature. He did very well in his grade 12 final exams that got him a scholarship to go and study Chinese Language in China. During his high school days Kuncho Mindset was not active in music but used to rap other people's songs, it was only while in university that he picked up music. Losing his mom made him tap into music as a way of expressing himself. He recorded his first official song in 2018 titled First Wave then the following year he dropped an album “Mama Kuncho” in February which was a tribute to his late mother. Kuncho is also a record producer and makes beats. His passion for music led him to open his own record label called Kuncho Dynasty Music (HappyForeva Records). His most recognized record is Son Of A Gun which he did with the late Daev Zambia