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Born on April the 25th 1993 in Lusaka, Zambia, Yotam Ngoma , better Known as  “Ando" is a Zambian rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

Ando was introduced to rap music aged 7, when he heard his first rap song ("My Name Is", by Eminem), at his childhood friends home in Kalundu Lusaka , this would prove to be a significant moment in his life, as he developed a keen interest in hip-hop and rap music.

As a child, Ando attended Birdsfield Elementary and Birdsfield Primary in Lusaka Zambia where he graduated from Primary School aged 12. As a teenager, Ando went on to attend Gospel Outreach Christian Academy High School in Lusaka Zambia where he graduated from High School in 2010 aged 17.

At the age of 15, Ando began rapping with high school friends John Mayambi, Taonga Hara,and T.J Kabamba; they adopted the names of  "J-bone","Roma Kat, “D.J T.J" and Yayo, the latter of which changed into "Ando."

During Lunch break at School, Ando with fellow rap buddies J-bone, Roma Kat and D.J T.J organized freestyle rap battles in which they battled against other rappers from different grades within the School.

One Saturday, they attended rap Cyphers at show grounds on the Great East Road, Lusaka, Zambia, considered "a hot spot" for the Lusaka rap scene. With Zambian hip hop music still in its infancy and after struggling to succeed in an industry the lacked acceptance from sectors outside of the hip-hop scene, Ando and his rap buddies split and went their separate ways.

Ando decided to pursue further studies at The University of Zambia in Lusaka in 2012 where he reunited with fellow High School rap friend DJ TJ only this time, DJ TJ reinvented himself as a music producer.

Ando together with DJ TJ, decided to rekindle they're ambitions of being hip-hop pioneers in the Zambian hip-hop music scene with the aim of eventually capturing the attention of the global audience. The two worked on Ando's first single called "It's About That Time" which he released as an independent artist in April 2013.