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Zambia’s Glorious Band is still ranked as one of the oldest and most entertaining bands in Zambia’s music industry.

Glorious Band Zambia started from Chingola in 1998, but gained fame in the year 2000 with its album Isambo lyamfwa. The first members of this band were Jonathan Chibesa who was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Allan Kasafu who was a backup vocalist.

Derrick Mwansa played the solo guitar, Christian Kenda bass guitar while Obius Mbiangu was the man on drums.

With hit songs including Takwaba Chisuma Kubantu, Isambo Lya Mfwa, Ilyashi Ilikaya etc Glorious Band toured every province in Zambia entertaining fans. confirms that, Glorious Band went into oblivion after it lost three members within a sequence of years. The deceased band members were drummer Obias Mbyangu, who was followed by lead guitarist Jonathan Chibesa Kunda, who was also band leader, and Allan Kasafu, who was backing vocalist.