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Zambian gospel music group - Adonai Pentecostal Singers rose to fame after their hit song Ukutemwa Kwenu.

Towards the end of 2010, Adonai Pentecostal Singers had eight studio albums including Kafwa Wandi, Mube Na Ine, Nshamonako, Wafisungusho and Mwebapulamo. confirms that, the group was founded in 1996 with 10 members, but as of the year 2020, the group consisted of 7 members ( 2 males and 5 females).

In the year 2004, Adonai Pentecostal Singers translated their Nshamonako Album into Swahili and later toured Tanzania.

In 2007, the group took a break from music to concentrate on setting up its own recording studio.

The group later resurfaced in the year 2010 with an album titled Mwebapulamo.

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