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They have taken the Zambian music scene by storm – wooing fans across the breadth of the country with their captivating live act as well as their fascinating lyrics. They are Zambian sensational dou Organised Family; dreadlocked siblings Kent Singoyi aka Orga Kent who is also the lead vocalist and Rex Singoyi aka Orga Rex.

Wherever they have performed since their songs ‘Koka Kola’ and ‘Minga Munsomba’ hit the airwaves and across dancefloors, the pair have not only lived up to their reputation but also enhanced it with performances that have left revellers feeling somewhat salivating for more.

Once they take over the stage, the pair entrances the audience with dances and vocals that are thrilling yet sobering at the same time, exciting and yet surprisingly temperate. It is their live performances in Zambia, other than their chart-busting hits, that have solidified their status as one of the best things that Zambia has gifted music lovers in recent years.

Founded in 2000, the duo have to date released five albums namely ‘Orga’ (2004), ‘Sinzakutangila’ (2006), ‘Missed Call’ (2008), ‘Koka Kola’ (2010) and ‘Kabende’ (2012). The success of their ‘Koka Kola’, ‘Kabende’ and ‘Marco Polo’ songs prompted them to launch Marcopolo in Basket’ and ‘Koka Kola’ videos. confirms that, in April 2014, Organised Family launched another album titled ‘Ringtone’ at Chez Ntemba night club. This was their second launch of their album in Namibia as they also launched their fourth album ‘Kabende’ in Windhoek. The title track is a combination of two songs namely ‘Double Crossing’ and ‘Titanic’.

Songs such as ‘Botolo Top’, ‘Hungry Lion’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Train’ as well as ‘Njota’ popularly known as ‘Potato Salad’ in Zambezi region, Botswana and in Zambia, have are still very popular in many night clubs.

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