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Jay Rox, a former member of music group - Zone Fam, has grown into one of the finest innovative stage performers, song writer and record producer of this generation, thanks to his relevant and reflective songs.

For Jay Rox, born Jackson Ngambi Banda on 23rd February 1987, it has not been as plain-sailing as his fans may wish to know because his musical journey had initially stepped on his mother’s toes.

Speaking to, Jay Rox, the second born in a family of three.
said “I grew up listening to a lot of music genres, but I guess the coming of Mondo Music inspired me a lot.

At a tender age, Jay remembers being dragged and ushered into their home church, Living Water Ministries choir, by his mother, although it was his experience with his recording gospel cousin Risen Risen (Elphes Mwanza), that would give him an insight of the music industry.

His casual visits to Risen Risen’s home turned out to be a blessing in disguise because sooner than later, Jay Rox and his colleagues formed a gospel hip-hop outfit, Righteous Gospel group.

Later, while at Munali High School in Lusaka, Jay found himself out of the gospel grooves and instead formed a dance group called Red Riders.

With mum not impressed with the path he took in the music industry, Zambian artist Jay Rox recalls that instead of the dance-mania, he found himself listening to a lot of slain rapper and Notorious B.I.G’s tracks.

My friend Mutale Kani (Young Verbal), one of Zone Fam founder members, had exposed me to a huge collection of the Notorious B.I.G music,  Jay recalled.

With this influence, the young Jay began writing his own songs but only to be over-shadowed by his rapping skills when he eventually moved to Kabulonga Boys High School where he was engaged in some Rap Battles.

One of his rap battles, incidentally, involved a cracking burn-out with Sam Sakala aka Dope-G which ended in a stalemate according to Jay.

With similar struggles and both having been raised by single mothers, Sam and Jay had a lot to share off the musical battle field.

In 2006, with the eminent release of his debut single M.U.S.I.C, produced by the versatile Hurricane, Jay had already set his eyes beyond local battle grounds.

The release of M.U.S.I.C. was a huge step in my music career despite the radio stations snubbing it. Well, it was worth a good experience, Jay Rox told

Later in the years, Jay would hang around with the likes of Jae Cash, at whose home-made studio he recorded his debut Mixed-Tape titled Hip-Hop Passion.
But with relatively slow flowing feedback, Jay did not waste time in releasing his second Mixed-Tape - Out of The Project, which scored some airplay success on a few radio station with songs such as Get Them.

Songs like Take Over, featuring Krytic, another of the fascinating hip-hop prodigies and Dope-G, received some impressive airplay, culminating into the release of Jay’s third Mixed-Tape titled Berg City Mercenaries.

Despite his earlier stints at Kays Technologies and the University of Zambia, where he pursued studies in Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Networking, Jay was up-beat with his musical strings.

During the last four years, Jay has produced a string of top-charting local and continental award-winning songs such as Chikali (2011 Born & Bred Best Video).

His sophomore Aka Nika Mbama went on to redefine Jay’s success with some huge performances at, among other venues, the 2011 Big Brother House eviction bash in the company of Zone Fam.

With songs such as Shelela, Chikali, Man-dem and Aka Nika Mbama, Zone Fam went on to scoop an astonishing three Born & Bred Video awards as well as a Channel O and Gama awards nominations.

Jay’s Vensesani solo album arrived in 2012 and unveiled such revealing songs as Ma-Danger, Booza, Roomie (featuring Mampi), although it was Zone Fam’s ultimate release of Contolola that would catapult the quartet to stardom.

The video of Contolola went on to scoop the Channel O Best Group Award, only for Jay to return to the studio for his epic release of the second solo album Out of the Rox, which originally featured female rapper Cleo Ice Queen. confirms that, since then, Jay Rox has not stopped top charting hit songs including: Ituntula, Auto Pilot, Steady and Joana etc.

Jay Rox, the creative music star went an extra mile and scored some unequalled success with his brand album, Not for Sello.