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Born on April 18th 1997 in Kabwe, LUYANDO MBEWE best known buy his stage name FIREMAN766.aspired to be a singer and rapper at the age of 9. FIREMAN766 has worked with award winning DJ Mzenga man and hiphop start marcky2. he is know the renewly hit records “THEY LAZY”,”NO SOFT LIFE”and” TOO MUCH”..

Rapper Fireman766 has been creating music since he was a child at the age of 9. When he was 11 years old he quite music due the to school demands and lack of concentration in class,born and raised in Kabwe,Today Fireman766 has been considered among today’s talented rappers in Zambia.Completing his high school in 2015 at chisamba boarding school with  excellent grade 12 results..

As he was not part of any record label or group,FIREMAN766 got his first taste of success when he remarkably gain popularity during his high due to the hilarious song composing,how ever his stay at the top did not last too long.every holiday he would sit on his large desktop and record his mind.the songs never went any where far from his bedroom.
In 2017 FIREMAN766 was accepted at a university in study electrical engineering..there he met  SONA and MARVELOUS,friends who shared the same vision as he did,he restarted his music passion and together they worked and recorded a song “ISSA MADNESS “ the inspirational response that the record got pushed them further to shoot a video for the song,how ever the videos performance was rather 2018 FIREMAN766 moved to another city called Hangzhou where he met some new friends who introduced him to wealink studio,a record company to sponsor all his records,there,he released song “LIFE OF AN MC”as his first song then he went on to release “DONT GAS “ as his second then followed HANGZHOU,NEW ERA,THEY LAZY,NO NO NO . A month later he traveled to Zambia where he met DJ Mzenga man and then came”NO SOFT LIFE.later that month he received a call to work as a resident artist in Hangzhous biggest entertainment center,where he has gain an exceptional recognition level.

During the month of March 2019,FIREMAN766 spent much of his time make songs like THEY LAZY ,NEW ERA.TOO MUCH is the most recent project he has which features MARCKY 2,produced by DJ MZENGA MAN which is yet to be released..
FIREMAN766 has always been inspired by the works of great men who help the needy,Macky 2 and lil wayne have been the main role models of the FIREMAN766.