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You might have known him as one of Bizzy Baila’s finest recording and performing artistes, but today, T-Bwoy is simply on every big song in Zambia.

To the less initiated, T-Bwoy’s music took a dramatic and infectious dancehall feel, peppered with some modern R&B, after he scooped the coveted Born & Bred award in 2009.

His song Mwati Uziba, which was coated with some smart local lyrics against some R&B beats, won him the Best Video of the Year in 2009, his first major award.

While his mother Roza Chenda christened him Tanonga Nswana, most music buffs have come to know him as a sleek dancehall artiste.

With music flowing in his veins since his schooldays at Chibombo Basic School in the late 90s, the former Chibombo High School pupil’s music has been bursting with energy.

With his early inspiration drawn from the likes of Sean Paul, Paul Ngozi and Shaggy, T-Bwoy is one artiste who has always appreciated his talent.

Not surprising, immediately after leaving high school in 2003, T-Bwoy began penning and recording his own songs which appeal to all generations, says

A year later, T-Bwoy opted to enrol at Greenwood Institute in Lusaka, where he studied motor vehicle engineering, a move he does not regret.

With all the motor vehicle engineering books over, T-Bwoy got back to business and released his predominantly all-English debut album aptly titled Amama. But the album did not sell.

But in 2009, after the release of Mwati Uziba, T-Bwoy rose from his ashes as his career took a more inspiring shape.

The song instantly shot to number one on almost all radio stations in the country for a period of eight weeks, which no radio or TV station could ignore.

Apart from winning the ZNBC Born & Bred Award, Mwati Uziba also received the 2009 Ngoma Award nomination in the Best Written Song of The Year category.

After Mwati Uziba proved to be a chart-bursting single, T-Bwoy returned in 2010 with the album The Other Side, which never saw the market.

With singles like Kumbukila and relatively unknown songs such as No Mountain, Give Your Love and Muntu Wanga, T-Bwoy took the back seat.

Coincidentally, it was on June 2, 2012 that T-Sean and T-Bwoy unveiled their raved label, Bizzy Baila International, which has seen reputable artistes passing through it.
Apart from Manone (featuring Ma Africa), T-Bwoy made some cameo appearance on T Sean’s 90 Days song along with Joe Chibangu.

In 2013, for the first time, T-Bwoy changed his name to Mr Bizzy and released his first studio album titled The Climax.

Tbwoy has since grown into a house hold musician in Zambia with a number of hits to his name.