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Zambia’s Peace Preachers’ is a family gospel band founded in 2010.

This gospel Band is composed of new and old members. As the bemba’s say, ” Amenshi yakonka umu folo “ which means water follows the drainage. This amazing, talented and anointed group comprises of sons and daughters of the lead singer apostle Robby Chishimba from one of the most celebrated Christian gospel band Called Lumbani Madoda .

Former Zambian President – Fredrick Chiluba was a great fan of this band, and this could be the reason as to why the Peace Preachers found it so easy to rise to limelight.

Known for hit songs including: Katalalika Wamabimbi, Weusanika, Favor, Mpanv, Tilibe, Masiya among others, the Peace Preachers have proved to be Zambia’s biggest gospel group year after based on the numerous Awards they have won. confirms, to date, Peace Preachers Zambia has over five gospel albums, and even though some of the oldest members have passed away, the surviving band members have not stopped releasing hits after hits.