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Zambian gospel musician Kings Malemebe Malembe, also known as King Mumbi, real names Chisenga Mumbi was born on 30th January 1980.

King Malembe’s mother was from the Northern province in Luwimbi, while his father was from Luapula province in Kapamba. Unfortunately both parents passed on long time ago when Malembe was still a child.

Kings Malembe attended Changa primary School in Ndola and later joined Lamba primary school where he sat for his grade 12 in 1992.

Kings Malembe started singing at the age of 22, that was way back when he was still a very active member in Church.

In the year 2007, the celebrated gospel minister released his very first music album. Most of the songs on his first album were about his real life and day today happenings in people’s life.

To date, Kings Malembe has six albums and he promises never to stop preaching the gospel through his talent until the Almighty God calls him to heaven.

Initially, the first person Kings Malembe worked with was Christine (who by then was with Potiphar’s Band). Christine and Malembe got so close when he (Kings Malembe) was recording his very first album titled “Umwabepala Minwe” – confirms.

Way back before breaking through as a celebrated musician we all know now, Kings Malembe was a very active gospel minister with Lusaka Provincial Church.

Kings Malembe started dating his current wife on Valentines in 2007. On that very day, Malembe Malembe had gone to Star Christian School in Garden compound. Malembe had carried a crystal heart with him that day and he was ready to give it to any woman who would accept it. Actually, the lady that was registering new students at Star Christian School is the one who accepted the crystal heart, and since then the two have become best friends, partners and above all, they are bed-mates. confirms, Kings Malembe has five children, four boys and one girl. He loves his family and vows to always take care of his family financially and spiritually.

Just incase you did not know, Zambia’s biggest gospel musician Kings Malembe enjoys Nshima with Kalembula. He also loves Chisense without oil. So next time you’re planning to host him, make sure you have the above on your menu.

Just like your favourite musician is so and so, Kings Malembe’s favourite artist is Congolese musician Koffi Olomide.