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Born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia, Kaina Songbird grew up listening to the likes of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and a little bit of Brandy ;)

She knew she wanted to be a performing artist at a very young age and recalls truly knowing that signing was something she longed to do when she heard and began training her vocals to the song ‘Hero’ By Mariah Carey. At the time her only goal was to sound just like Mariah! She performed in school plays and later went on to perform to larger audiences in church and at weddings. During her teen years much of her time was spent in school, while she had hoped to go to an arts school this was not the case, so she continued to practice her singing at home for the most part. At the age of 17, while attending high school in South Africa, she entered the popularly known Idols South Africa competition, but did not reach very far into the competition as her nerves got the better of her during her performance. 

During her 6 year stay in China, where she travelled to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Kaina Songbird was blessed to find many platforms to practice singing in front of a lot of people. This experience allowed her to grow much more confident with live performances and she is thankful today for the opportunities that she received while living there. Many of these performances were in popular bars and bistros around the city of Xiamen where she lived, while others were in hotels and at exhibitions, some of these covered by the local media. One of her larger performances while living in China was for the Olympic Winter Universiade that took place in Beijing, where she shared a stage with several renowned Chinese artists and athletes. 

Since her return to Zambia, Kaina Songbird has been focused on building a business that she started almost 3 years ago. She entered the Trace Music stars competition where she was one of the top five singers in the country who made it to the finale. After the competition however she still felt her business needed more attention so she went on to focus on building it further. Having come almost full circle and feeling much more comfortable within herself, she decided 2018 would be the year that she finally begun to share her music with the nation and the world. 

In December 2017 she released her first single and video, a collaboration with ‘Thee Ajay’ of Urban hype. The song is called ‘Gimmie Love’ and has had a lot of airplay on tv and radio since its release. Following that she released another single called ‘finally free’ which brought a brand new perspective to the narrative that is ‘Zambian’ music today. Her most recent releases include ‘Body one me’, which features her cousin and fellow musician Kalu, popularly known for her vocals in the Slap Dee song ‘Long as I forget you’, as well as ‘War’, both released in June 2018. War is another track that illustrates the diversity of Zambian music today. The combination of her strong vocals and the mastery of the beat make this song one to be celebrated over the ages. Kaina Songbird is a firm believer that artists should be allowed to explore a variety of sounds and have their sounds enjoyed and shared no matter the capacity. There are no limits when it comes to music, the only thing that matters is that the music be allowed to flow and transcend from one to another’s soul.

Kaina Songbird is a lover at heart. So many of her songs speak not only of romantic love but also of love for one-self. Her most influential musicians at the moment are Sia and Beyonce for their incredibly disciplined vocal abilities, as well as Alicia keys, India Arie and Mary J Blige for their depth, courage, ability to tell stories and their displayed strength in character. A woman who is down to earth, knows who she is (Most of the time lol) and above most things, loves a good laugh!