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Princess Mwamba, real name "Sarah Mwamba''  born May 5th 1992,  Born and raised in (Lusaka ,Zambia), she made her way to the United States at the age of 13 with her family. She lived in Lusaka and attended Lusaka girls basic school till grade 6, then her and her family moved to the united states where she then continued her education there. She attended middle school at (west ridge), then high school at (ocoee) where she then graduated to go to college. She received 4 scholarships from different colleges, princess chose Bethune cook-man University where she majored in nursing. She attended Bethune for two semesters then she received a modelling and acting contract that was located in Atlanta Ga, so she moved to Atlanta and transferred to Clark Atlanta University, one of the top Historical Black Schools In America. Ms Mwamba graduated in 2016 with a bachelor degree in (Psychology). Her mother wanted her and her siblings to pursue their dreams so she supported and guided them in everything they tried to achieve. 

Princess mwamba grew up dancing and modelling her whole life since the age of 3, she did weddings, praise dance, dance competitions, pageants, and etc. That was her passion until in (2010) a close friend to her saw something in her with doing music. He tried to convince her to record a song but her passion was dance and modelling so she didn't give it a try because she new nothing about music at all. He never gave up on trying to get her in the studio until one day Princess decided to just try it so that she can shut him up. They set up a session for her to record the song but she never showed up because she had to attend the BET Award as a model and that same day the producer got shot in killed in the studio waiting for her including everyone that was at the studio working. When Ms Mwamba found out about the tragic news she was devastated and tried to blame herself. She believed she owed him something so she dropped everything including school. (2010) this is when she recorded "Swag Walk" her first single and first song to ever work on in her life. She created ''Swag Walk'' by dancing to the beat first because that’s all she new how to do. 

Her first performance ever was in front of a lot of important people in the industry such as (labels, producers, dj's, publicist, and managers) when she finished her performance, everyone was very impressed with her work. She was approached by the rapper T.I's label Grand hustle. Princess Mwamba worked with them for a few months then moved on to only work with her manager Lisa Watt who then took her under her wing and moulded her and developed her to become a great artist. Working with Lisa she released, (I’m a princess (single), Badda than a mug (single) and a few other songs. Princess and Lisa parted ways in 2012 for life issues. Princess started working with GK Entertainment then she released (Jungle (single) and an EP (crown jewel) after that in (2014) she decided to go back to school to finish so she put music on pause. she concentrated on her education and her craft. 2014 June she decided to visit Zambia for the first time since she left and her concern was to get back in-tune with her culture and learn from her few fellow Zambian musician friends. After being on tour with a few artist in Zambia she went back to the states and thats when she graduated from Clark Atlanta University (2016). 2017 Princess Mwamba got back in the studio and released her new single "Back it Up" under 3RD Culture music. 

Her goal in life is to have a good influence on the youth to make sure they are never resorting to violence and that they are always positive. Princess is already a role model to many people because of the fact that she doesn't give up. Everyone knows that the music industry isn't the easiest industry to make a career out of but she is destined to find a way or make one. When times get hard for her she thinks of how her mother, Mary Zulu, stayed strong and never gave up. Princess looks up to her mother more than anyone because she never takes no for an answer and is very hardworking. Both of these characteristics show strongly in Princess, She is most proud of everything she has accomplished on her own because it shows her strengths within herself. No matter what the situation is Ms. Mwamba always keeps a positive attitude. She feels that if she tries and things go wrong then there will always be more opened doors. She is also proud of all the support she has had thus far from all the radio stations that had played her songs especially the radio station in Las Vegas that played her very first single "Swag Walk"  within ten minutes, it was requested again. Princess is determined to reach her goals and make her dreams come true and she will not stop until her dreams become her reality.

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