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Mweshi Mulusa’s major breakthrough in her ministry arrived when she performed alongside gospel singer, Jessy Ngoma during the commemoration of the World Day of Prayers at her home church in Mufulira.

By then, the ever smiling gospel diva was working for a firm called Musachi Enterprise in Mufulira. And instead of singing as a back-up singer for Jessy, Zambian gospel musician Mweshi Mulusa ended up taking a leading role throughout the whole conference period, a move which also amused her.

Part of my back-up instrumentalists was Lloyd Mulusa, who played the keyboard and the man who turned out to be my loving husband, Mweshi said in the presence of her husband.

In 1999, when the two began working together, they recorded songs such as Naitula and Ambuye at Ichengeleo Radio station in Ndola. Initially, the soft-spoken Mweshi said the recording was to be a demo tape but ended up recording more songs in Kitwe, including God Is Able and Nshikwete with gospel artiste, Henry Shebele.

In the same year, Mweshi recorded her debut album titled Kalenga Wandi at Solid Sound Studio in Kitwe before relocating to Lusaka. The album had such songs as Awe Iyo and My Redeemer and I spent most of my time singing at several church congregations. Mweshi, a professional fashion designer and catering graduate, said.

Finally, after about five years of courtship, Mweshi wedded Mulusa at a colourful wedding blessed at the Mufulira Central UCZ church. And that marked her professional recording stints.

Her best-selling and top-charting album Ewamfisha Pano arrived in 2004 amid some blessed tunes that healed and anointed scores of believers. The album had such songs as Nshakabulilwe, Toteleleni, Ubunoshi, Bwana Wamajeshi and Amalumbo and there was no relenting for Mweshi.

The album deservingly won her maiden Ngoma Award for best female artiste in 2008. Two years later, Mweshi’s defining album titled Mwaliwama was released by the multi-talented Taz (Taonga Sakala) Goemi Record studio and had such songs as Imitima Yenu, Ndakulumba and Abana Banshiwa. recalls, In 2009, I released Mwabombeni, which had such uplifting songs as Kabai Mwane, Lesa Tata, Konse Nkaya and Ndinobukata, said the 2010 and 2012 CHAPRO most consistent and best female artiste winner, respectively.

To date, mweshi has released several albums which have redefined the global gospel ministry and they include Nkankunkula (2012) and the Hymns of The Saints (2013) albums. In the year 2014, Zambian Gospel Artist Mweshi Mulusa released an album titled Jubilee and containing songs like Ni Yesu, Ima Wende, Nakabalika and Fyonse Fyenu.

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