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ZAMBIAN gospel musician Suwilanji’s first 10 years of life was a true testimony of God’s intervention in her young life. She was unable to speak or was dumb if you like, until the age of ten, but today she is an accomplished gospel artiste.

For the people that knew Suwilanji as a dumb little girl, it is so amazing to see how God has transformed her life, not just through the ability to speak, but has given her a melodious voice too.

Seven years after getting a touch of God, Suwilanji, sought to praise and worship her saviour in a special way – through some uplifting music. To cut the long story short, Suwilanji is today an award-winning artiste and many gospel music lovers can attest to her unique talent.

Who is Suwilanji one may ask – well, she is a gospel music minister born as Miriam Mumba in 1983. Suwilanji’s albums Ulukombo Lwa Mweo and Mulilonshi have made her name in and outside Zambia.

The album contains such inspiring songs as Isuleni Amenso (open my eyes), Yesu Emweo Wandi (Jesus is my life), Yesu Ni Mfumu (The Lord is King), Lesa Tupaleni (Bless us Lord) and Revival. Ephraim the Son of Africa, Nicco and Steve G feature on Nshisakamana, Ingabufwayo, Presence, Mwe Bakulu, Munkoshe and Nkamilumbanya which concludes the album.

She describes her music as simply uplifting, passionate and full of life, while her songs are spiritual.Take for instance the title track, Suwilanji says she was imagining how great the Lord is, and Him being the river of life that has seen her through the valleys. The song talks about Jesus being the water and when I am thirsty, I run to Him and drink from Him, the 2007/8 Mukuba and 2013 Zambia Music Awards Best Gospel Artiste revealed.

Ngabufwayo Bwenu is a tribute to the late Mama Betty Kaunda, while the song Isuleni Amenso is a dedication to all those who have turned away from God after receiving His blessings.

In a cry for a spiritual awakening in our nation, Suwilanji came up with the song Revival in which she also thanks God for transforming the nation from a desert to a season of jubilation. It is probably her previous album of Mulilonshi that testifies of the goodness and mercies of the Lord, because no matter what she went through, God  saw her through when she was passing through the fire.

Having debuted with an astonishing album titled Mwanjitile Akale in 2010, seemingly inspired by Jeremiah 1:5, Zambian Gospel musician Suwilanji has received three coveted awards. With songs such as Nalichimfya, MuJerusalem, Ni Mwe Bene and Nkabafwaya, the artiste has a following both at home and abroad.

Most of Suwilamji’s songs such as Nalichimfya, talk about how she has managed to overcome trials and tribulations in her life. But then there are other songs such as Mwe Ba Maka, Takuli and Moneni, in which she exalts the Lord for all that he has done in her life. Suwilanji's second album titled Mulilonshi mostly consists of worship songs such as Ni Mwe Nkabila, Mwijibukishe, Mpaleni, Eleza and You Are Holy. The album is simply food for every burdened soul.

Zambia’s official Entertainment Website ”” confirms that: Over the years, the artiste has taken her ministry to Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Congo DR and the USA, where she ministered in Chicago, Boston, Virginia, New York and Rochester, between October 11 and 30, 2014. The climax of her US tour was when she ministered at what was to be a golden jubilee event, but was instead dedicated to the late President Sata who died on October 28, 2014.

In December 2016, Gospel artist Suwilanji officially got married to her man, who was once her driver. Scroll below to Download Suwilanji Nusic