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Born Mwamba Mulenga, 32 Karat is an African Hip Hop artist from Lusaka, Zambia. He started his music career in 2012 as a producer with XYZ, an entertainment company. He then left for school to study Urban Regional Planning at The Copperbelt University.

Music however was always a part of him; it all started in primary school while at St Mary’s Roman Catholic School in Wales, where he played musical instruments. He also took up music class while at Mpelembe Secondary School in Grade 10. He plays the Keyboard and Flute.

In 2013, 32 Karat started a group called Urban Chaos with Terence (Swayvy)  Makondo,  Nkandu (Stretch) Kataya and Daniel (CASTIC) Sitenge and released a mixtape called ‘Bad in Country’. It gained him more presence in the music industry he was no longer being recognized as a producer.

In 2014 he released a four track EP called ‘Cover Season’, the EP was received well despite stature as an independent artist. It was this EP that caught the ears of Sovereign Sky Constellation (SVSC) CEO, Alexander ‘Clouds’ Simukonde who immediately decided to invest in the upcoming rapper’s music future. SVSC is an urban record label based in the heart of Lusaka.

In August 2015 he released his debut single ‘Kwacha’. He Produced this single and the song impressed international film director Vegas Hoyi who eventually directed the video. In 2016, 32 dropped the remix to his single Kwacha on which he featured XYZ Rapper B Mak and AfroPop Trio Urban Hype. He also did a cover video on Designer’s smash hit single ‘Panda’ with Blake Y’all, a singer from Lusaka. confirms that, on 1st December 2016, ‘Bushe’ 32 Karat’s second single under the SVSC imprint was released. He featured BMak on this ‘Trap’ Banger he also produced. It has so far been received well on TV, Radio and online platforms.

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