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TCOOl NIN9 ELEVEN is a Zambian Hardcore 'Traper Hollick' Rapper and Songwriter. He was born on 28th February 1991 as Busiku Apuleni in a family of 7 Sisters and 4 Brothers with him being the last born of them all. He completed his high school level in 2009 at Nyimba Secondary boarding School in Eastern province.

After high school Tcool decided to move his rapping skills from the streets of LSK to an actual booth,where he worked on a number of projects, but that didn't workout out nicely for the talented Emcee , "Apparently talent ain't the only thing needed in the Zambian Hip Hop world" he said. But that didn't stop him from discovering his inner self and moving on to the next level .He worked on a number of projects in the underground.

The Poetic Southern Rapper saw an increase in the number of downloads for his Hot Hit single titled 'Am On', after performing 'Never Give Up' tagged on By Tigress 34~7 on tv2's 3.7 blaze. Though he was only featured on the song, it brought him the much needed attention. He went on to say that all this is made possible by the LORD almighty And everyone else who follows him on social media, was highly appreciated.Not forgetting his apple of his eye mama 'Beatrice M Apuleni' who has always believed and supported him through out... Although he just recently decided to take his music mainstream, TCOOl 911 comes into the GAME not only as a YOUNG SKILLED TRAPER HOLLICK RAPPER but as a GAME CHANGER with a whole new LEVEL of GREATNESS .

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